Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls
Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls


Thinking about building a rock climbing wall?

Step 1 - Contact Flashpoint Sports to discuss your rock climbing wall needs and receive detailed information regarding the products we have available.

Step 2 - After reading the information regarding Flashpoint Sports, further discussion determines the type of rock climbing wall that is required and the potential location of the rock climbing wall, and its indoor or outdoor status.
Budgetary constraints are considered and initial, broad ideas are formulated.

Step 3 -
A site visit is the next stage and is critical for determining wall dimensions, nature of the existing structure, obtaining site drawings and photographs and importantly meeting the client face to face. More detailed discussion determines the critical features the client requires for their rock climbing wall.

Step 4 -
An exact scale model of the proposed wall will be constructed so that the client need not rely solely on drawings to understand the concepts. This acts as a tool for design control as the engineering is based entirely on the model and this is reflected in the final product

Step 5 - A quote acceptance form or contracts are produced for the project and signed with the client. Deposit fee is received by Flashpoint Sports as set out in the payment schedule.

Step 6 -
Fine-tuning of the design takes place to enable commencement of the construction and finally the installation stage. During this stage the client is informed of all developments and is encouraged to make regular visits to the site up to the completion of the project.

Complete Project Management

This service encompasses every aspect of your rock climbing wall project
from design right through to the staff training on your own climbing wall manufactured and installed by Flashpoint Sports.
With 14 years experience and in excess of 40 rock climbing wall projects, we have the complete know-how to build your climbing wall.


All Flashpoint Sports’ walls are designed to meet or exceed international standards;
• EN 12572
• Climbing Wall Industry Group Standards - U.S.A
• All State building regulations and wind load specifications.
Through many years of building climbing walls we have developed structural and panel systems that are simple to maintain, cost effective and certified to the above standards.

Certification and Safety Management

Every 12 months all rock climbing wall structures are required to have a safety audit,  not only for insurance purposes but also for your own peace of mind.
With the advent of international standards and issues with occupational health and safety it is imperative that all rock climbing walls are certified or built to the standards for rock climbing walls, world wide.
At a flat rate, plus travel expenses ( at cost ) Flashpoint Sports will visit your rock climbing wall and comprehensively audit your wall for safety and structural issues. Recommendations will be made and certification will be issued upon completion of any work that may be required.

esign Consultation

As the sport of rock climbing becomes more popular many walls are being incorporated into the planning stage of new projects. If this is the case, it is important to design the climbing wall to suit the structure that is being built, or incorporate into the building design a structure that will facilitate the rock climbing wall. Conversely if you have an existing building in which you would like to install a climbing wall and you need guidance and costings, then Flashpoint Sports can help.

ock Climbing Hardware Supply

Our primary concern at Flashpoint Sports is the safety of the rock climbing wall and the climber. If you require the safety equipment that is necessary to achieve this, we can supply the gear at very competitive rates. As part of a wall project we will install the equipment and give guidance as to its correct use and maintenance.


All floor and top anchors are designed and engineered to exceed EN12572 and C.W.I.G. standards. The floor anchors are recessed into the safety flooring to eliminate the risk of injury through tripping.


Flashpoint Sports construction sites are managed by a highly trained and dedicated team of specialist workers conversant with the specific systems and techniques devised for the construction of our unique climbing walls. Each climbing wall project bears the signature of these workers and is the guarantee of lasting quality.


Every aspect of the project is engineered to meet EN 12572 and CWIG standards. Fibre Rock panels are randomly subjected to drop tests as specified by C.E.N standards. Any other aspect of the project that is not specified in the climbing wall standards is designed to meet or exceed current Australian building standards.


Steel frame – Supagal or equivalent
Caphead bolts – zinc plated
Tensile bolts – stainless steel, galvinised or zinc plated
Floor anchors – galvinised, zinc plated or powder coated
T-nuts – zinc plated or stainless steel on request

Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls
Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls
Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls


Flashpoint sports warranties the climbing structure against; failures of the frame, panel system, workmanship, installation and the design specifications for a period of two years from completion of the climbing structure. Fibre Rock, 2 year warranty.
Climbing holds have a lifetime warranty against breakage under normal climbing conditions when installed in accordance with Flashpoint Hold Installation Guidelines.


Price Policy

Flashpoint Sports prides its product on strength, style and durability and therefore will match any price for a comparable structure, knowing that our quality product and professionalism will prevail
Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls
Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls
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Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls
Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls Flashpoint Sports - Rock Climbing Walls